Điện Máy Hòa Phát

The sea transportation cost will increase from January 2020.

IMO - Internatioanl Marine Organization, including members from almost countries in the world, responsible for the safety, security, competetive and especial in protect maritime environment.

So far, sea shipping are using Bunker fuel consist high sulfur, it is harmful for human and environment. To reduce any risk for the world, IMO has just issued an ofiicial resolution which shows cutting amount sulfur from 3.5% to 0.5% from January 2020. So, all shipping agencies need to follow to use new fuel or install the sulfur filters in their ships. This issue will be costly much for the logistic fee by sea.

We all know much about percentage of logistic fee in the total product cost, and amount of sea transportation comparison (80%) with remaining transport method. So, from January 2020 we will receive a new announcement from shipping agancies about new cost table. Waiting how much….