Điện Máy Hòa Phát

Walney Extension is largest Offshore Wind Farm project in the world.

It is currently the largest operational offshore one in the world, with a total capacity of 659 MW. It is capable of providing power for nearly 600,000 homes across the U.K. 

Below are some detail information of the project:

  • Project name: Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm;
  • Electricity produces: 659 MW;
  • Can provide power for: 590.000 houses;
  • Location: Irish sea, 19km East apart of Walney coast island;
  • Project area: The wind farm is spearded in 145km2;
  • Number of wind tower: 87;
  • The hight from sealevel to peak of turbine: 158-195m

Some milestone of the project:

  • 5/2010: Project content agreement;
  • 11/2014: Sign of contract with maincontractor;
  • 8/2015: Commerce the project;
  • 2/2017: Commerce offshore work;
  • 8/2017: First running;
  • 6/2018: Complete and operation.